Try These Spring Hairstyles Spotted At Paris Fashion Week 2021Credit : chanelofficial/Instagram

From the protective hairstyles of winter, we'll soon be able to transition to fresh hairstyles straight from the haute couture runways of Paris Fashion Week. While haute couture calls to mind more extraordinary dresses and accessories, the hairstyles from the couture catwalks of late can easily be recreated at home. Try these spring hairstyles spotted at Paris Fashion Week 2021.

Low Ponytail

L'Officiel has spotted the classic low ponytail from the Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021. For a more polished look, Style Caster recommends using a flat iron to tame your strands then adding some shine serum to add shine and prevent flyaway hair. Once you've decided where to part your hair, use a fine comb to get your hair in place and get a clear elastic to secure your hair at the nape. You can also separate a thin strand of hair and tie it around the elastic. Secure that with the smallest bobby pin that you have on the underside of your ponytail. With a little adjustment, turn your low ponytail into a low bun as seen on the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer collection.


Braids are everywhere these days, including the Valentino catwalk. While the models strutted up and down the runway with braids that were parted in the middle and went past the waist, you can try all sorts of styles at home including braided bobs and braided high ponytails. Marie Claire also suggests going bold and with copper, red, wine, and burgundy tones.

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Bitten by the Bridgerton bug? Take a cue from the hit Netflix series and the Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021 look by doing a center part and securing your hair in a low bun. Top it off with a tiara ala Duchess Daphne.

Micro Fringe

Another look from the Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer is the microfringe, which again, was seen on Daphne Bridgerton and another Netflix leading lady, Beth Harmon from The Queen's Gambit. While the microfringe was used to convey youth and perhaps naivete on both shows, Dior's version looked elegant and a touch more modern.

Straight and Mega Long

The Valentino Haute Couture Spring/Summer went long and sleek, even with their braids. For super straight hair, try a DIY silk press at home. New York City-based hairstylist Ikeyia Powell shares her techniques with Marie Claire. Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo to detox hair and finish with a moisturizing conditioner. You can also do a deep conditioning treatment for 15 to 20 minutes. Next, apply a heat protectant since you'll be using styling tools. Blow-dry your hair until completely dry then start ironing your hair from the nape. Powell adds that it's better to iron hair in small, one-inch sections for silkier results. Add a lightweight serum afterwards for extra shine.

Side Part

Sometimes, you don't need to do anything extreme to change your look. Changing where you part your hair or just doing a deeper side part will be highly noticeable, just like the models from the Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer fashion show.

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