How To Dye Your Hair: Top Tips To Avoid A Disaster! (Photo: Tristan Fewings / Stringer)
Dye your hair safely at home with these pro tips.

Trips to the barber or salon may be a regular thing for a lot men and women, but lately, many opt to stay at home for healthy and safety reasons. While a lot of us have attempted to cut our own hair —thanks to YouTube tutorials — many still prefer leaving dye jobs to professionals and with good reason. Who wants to end up with orange hair, even if you mostly stay at home? However, we have compiled a list of pro tips so you can safely dye your hair at home.

Tools of the Trade

The first step to is to gather the things you need for this DIY project:

  • Hair color
  • Dye brush and mixing bowl
  • Mirror
  • Disposable gloves
  • Lip balm, petroleum jelly or cold cream
  • Barber's cape or old button-up shirt
  • Shower cap
  • Toothbrush or mascara wand

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No Stylist, No Problem