Color-changing hair dye is taking the beauty world by storm: this game-changing new trend is every Cinderella's dream come true. This way, people can get around to the "more natural" look in the office, despite being red-hot on the streets.

This kind of hair color-changing technology is perfect for those who want to try different hair colors without risking the health of their tresses. In an interview with Dazed, Lauren Bowker, the data visualization scientist responsible for giving the world the color-changing hair dye noted that the project was a result of "messing about" in her laboratory.

She even went on to explain the chemistry of her product, sharing that when different kinds of temperature hit the pigment, it changes bonds that give off different colors -- like a chemical reaction. She also shared that she's been working on different dyes that could "change their structure" so as to give a light refraction -- similar to that of a prism's color change.

While the science of color is fascinating, Allure Magazine reported that Bowker's invention was actually inspired by a film -- specifically the 1996 movie, "The Craft" and its iconic hair-color changing scene. Soon enough, such changes can become a reality for anyone who loves to dye their hair on a regular basis.

The "Fire" hair dye, as it is aptly called, is not yet available for the public. Bowker's website noted that they are still seeking a corporate partner to bring the product to the masses. However, it is only a matter of time before they can get the ball rolling. Now that the technology is available, there would be no stopping such a thing as a color-changing hair dye - it's something that beauty trendsetters would gladly pay for - but unfortunately, not anytime soon, at least, not until Bowker can find a company willing to invest in her creation.