Jodie Turner-Smith Uses Breastmilk for Radiant Skin

Jodie Turner-Smith Used Breastmilk for Radiant Skin
Jodie Turner-Smith Used Breastmilk for Radiant Skin(Photo : Getty Images/Frazer Harrison)

Jodie Turner-Smith glows with her radiant complexion as she includes breastmilk in her skincare routine.

Jodie Turner-Smith discovered the beauty of womanhood and incorporates breastmilk into her beauty regimen. She is happy and believes this practice creates new wonders for her sensitive skin.

Turner-Smith shows off her gleaming hair and radiant skin. She seems like the kind of celebrity who spends hours in a salon and pays a lot for her skincare routine.

The 34-year-old actress, who just became a mom in April, enjoys the new chapter of motherhood with her husband Joshua Jackson.

She loves and enjoys breastfeeding; it is a special connection she does every day with her daughter Janie Jackson. She watches what she eats and even think twice about eating a lactation brownie in one of her Instagram posts.

Jodie Turner-Smith told Refinery that she carves out time for self-care and actively tries to manage everything in the house. "I have been trying to take the time out to love my body and reset once in a while. None of that would be possible if I didn't have people around to support me", Jodie says.

For the model-actress, motherhood has been the most prominent teacher for her right now. "Becoming a mother has changed my view of beauty in so many ways. There are so many things expected of women, especially mothers and it is just so unrealistic", Jodie shared.

Jodie gave birth at home with her obstetrician and family support. The new mom shared her "fantastic voyage" into motherhood with many revelations together with Joshua - 42, her husband.

She revealed that for the past months, she has found new strength, allowing her to change her routine significantly. "It is like having a little boss who runs on no one's schedule besides her own. Everything has to happen a lot quicker and the luxury of basking at the moment does not happen as often already", Jodie Turner-Smith says.

Jodie Turner-Smith use breastmilk as skincare


Jodie discovered that self-care is important, and for her, it comprises lots of aromatic baths and tea time by herself. She would double her intake of probiotic supplements, which also help keep her skin healthy. She shared, "Growing up and even now after having the baby, I have struggled with skin issues like acne. The best advice I have got was to tale probiotics".

Another new-found regimen is using breastmilk as part of her skincare. Jodie tested her own breastmilk to her skin and the step worked out in wonders.

"It was something new, the breastmilk helped my face to glow. When I do it, my skin just looks pretty good after", Jodie Turner-Smith excited to share.

Breastmilk has a natural presence of lauric acid, composed of antibacterial properties that help the skin. Using it as often may treat acne. To use breastmilk for skincare, you simply need to add a little raw milk on a cotton ball and slowly stroke it all over the face.

Jodie Turner-Smith admitted that becoming a mom opened a new world of meaning towards beauty and identity for her. She says, "Mothers should get the respect they deserve, my eyes are way more opened to the beauty of womanhood".

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