Virgin Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover What You Need to KnowCredit : Monfocus on Pixabay

If you haven't tried virgin coconut oil as a makeup remover, well, it's about time you consider using it. This super-food is so versatile that you can do almost anything with it, even for removing makeup. And it is better and gentler than wipes too.

Wearing makeup is fun, but removing so much, especially when you are dead tired and aching to get into bed. Yet, makeup removal is a must if you want to take good care of your skin. 

So why use coconut oil to remove makeup?

Skin renewal happens during sleep. However, makeup and dirt can interfere with that natural process. Often, that leads to breakouts and dull skin.

Coconut oil has natural antibacterial and anti-yeast properties that help reduce breakouts and rashes. It can also remove chemicals while being gentle on the skin. However, coconut oil is not for everyone, especially if you have very sensitive skin. Make sure to test it out first for a few days and see how it fares. 

If you decide to try it out, make sure to use the organic, cold-pressed, and unrefined kind. Also, make sure that you remove all traces of oil after removing your makeup as it could potentially clog the pores. Hence, using your usual facial cleanser after removing makeup and excess oil is still important.

How to use virgin coconut oil as a makeup remover

First, scoop just a small amount of coconut oil. You should need no more than a teaspoon size. Warm it up by rubbing it between your fingers. Once it turns into a liquid, close your eyes and apply the oil over your eyelids, lashes, and area around your eyes. 

You may need to open your eyes so you can apply it directly to your lashes and remove the mascara. The oil washes out easily, so don't worry if you get some in your eye. 

Next, remove the rest of the makeup by massaging the oil onto your face in a circular motion. Remember to just do to it gently; avoid rubbing or tugging your skin. Take your time.

Finally, use wipe off the excess coconut oil using a warm, wet washcloth or napkin. Then rinse as normal. Depending on how much makeup you had on, you may want to repeat the process until your skin is thoroughly cleansed.

Make your own coconut oil makeup remover pads

Sometimes we would need some makeup remover pads handy, especially when traveling. Well, you can make makeup remover pads on your own using virgin coconut oil. What do you need? Virgin coconut oil (3 tablespoons), water (2 cups), cotton rounds, baby body wash (2 teaspoons), and a jar (12 ounces).

Using a stovetop or microwave, warm up the coconut oil until it liquefies. Then place some cotton pads in the jar. Next, pour the melted oil over the pads and the rest of the ingredients until the cotton pads are fully saturated. Then close it and make sure it is airtight. Store until you are ready to use it. That's it!

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