Contrary to what the company has been known for, Lush's newest creation isn't a bath bomb. It is going to launch a foundation that comes in 40 shades.

This move is a surprise for Lush fans who came to love its bath bombs that give bath time a whole other meaning. Moreover, it dips into the inclusivity pot by offering 40 shades of the foundation, called Slap Sticks, that may be suitable for everyone, which may be far-fetched from soaps and fizzies.

Of course, launching this many shades of makeup isn't entirely a new discovery. Rihanna's Fenty Beauty has launched a number that's quite to beat and thanks to that, more and more cosmetics brands are following suit. But if the number of shades of Slap Sticks is not what's unique about Lush's new release, then what is?

The newest creation stays true to the company's values. The Slap Sticks are made with argan oil from Morocco, which will leave a glowy, hydrated face, and 45 percent of the product is coconut oil. Of course, it is vegan and comes in a recyclable cardboard box that can be used again for storage.

Charity Work

What's more, buying the buildable Slap Sticks foundation means doing charity work. How? Lush has vowed that 10 percent of the profit goes to Indonesia, where the brand sourced the coconut oil. Specifically, the company aims to fund "literacy classes and a dentist on the island of Nias."

Why it only talked of one dentist is still unknown as of writing. However, the thought of giving back to the community where they got their material is just heart-warming. Buying this makeup would not just help one look good, it also makes one feel good by helping others.

Lush's Slap Stick foundations are pigmented, meaning a little of this product already goes a long way. One can use it with a brush or fingertips. These limited-edition items will be available starting June 29. Those who want to try this wonder product may purchase from the website or in Lush Studio in London.

More than the Slap Sticks, Lush more than a week ago launched the Turtle Jelly Bomb that aims to raise awareness on the effects of environmental pollution in marine life. The bath bomb, shaped and colored like a turtle, was released in conjunction with World Ocean's Day. It is made with agar seaweed that will float once the item gets dropped in the water, a great reminder of the plastics that remain afloat in bodies of water and will eventually get digested by animals.