Jennifer Lopez has one of the most enviable bodies in the industry. While this may be credited to her incredibly smooth dance moves, it may also be attributed to her nutritionist, Haylie Pomroy, who laid out the golden rules in metabolism.

Most people think that good metabolism comes with genetics, meaning if one's born with it, then they're just fortunate. For the celebrity nutritionist, this mind-set needs to disappear, as there a few tricks and hacks to decode it.

"A plan that feeds you — rather than depriving you of food and nutrients — can keep you from losing energy, experiencing extreme hunger, cannibalizing muscle, and sapping strength," Pomroy shared.

Furthermore, the nutritionist, who also gives advices to Reese Witherspoon, laid out six important, dubbed as "golden," rules when it comes to healthy metabolism. This can also be read in her book, Metabolism Revolution.

Golden Rules

The first on the list is to eat the right food. This involves steering away from processed ones such as hotdogs and nuggets and stick with something that is naturally filling like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish. In short, Pomroy said to eat the natural ones and not anything that has chemicals such as artificial sweetener and preservatives, which she pointed out "disrupt metabolic activity."

Related with the first rule is the second one, which also talks about one's way of eating. It is important to not overthink about calories. Of course, anyone who wants to lose weight have always had to think of the daily calorie intake in order to monitor their weight loss journey.

However, Pomroy said calories should be given some slack and be more relaxed rather than being too strict when it comes to diet. The expert further explained that starving one's self would be worse because anything the body gets, no matter how healthy it is, would be stored as fat.

"When your metabolism is too slow, you'll store even lettuce as fat, and you certainly won't burn any fat," she stressed.

Golden rule number 3 goes hand in hand with the first two. It is important to not remove food one loves from the overall diet. Pomroy said that doing this will be helpful in metabolism, as being satisfied will mean less stress and more secretion of endorphins.

Next, she suggests eating within 30 minutes after waking up. This is to jumpstart metabolism and to refrain the body from producing cortisol. Guilty of this are those who are always on the go who skip the important meal, but waking up earlier than usual is a small sacrifice for metabolism.

Fifth, it's better to spice things up a bit by changing food one consumes every now and then. Admit it, eating the same thing every day is not just boring, but it will also make one crave tastier, unhealthier food. So Pomroy recommends that variation should be incorporated in one's diet.

Last, exercise should be part of the lifestyle. However, Pomroy said to exercise strategically, suggesting a mix of cardio and strength training every week. She also said to eat a fruit before workouts.