Britney Spears is just like everyone else. She may be a prominent pop star but that doesn't mean she doesn't go back and forth in her diet.

Spears, who in the eyes of the public has maintained an awesome figure all throughout the years, is so relatable when it comes to her struggles in keeping herself fit. Yes, as much as she had kept her body looking fit, she's just a human being who experiences much of what other people do.

For one, the 36-year-old pop star admitted she gets hangry, too. Don't have a clue what "hangry" means? Anyone might have experienced this common feeling of being so hungry that it makes one angry. She even referred to herself as the "devil" and a "b*tch" when she's hungry, and even professed her love for food.

Spears quipped that she sometimes could feel that her cravings are so much that she could practically "inhale a club sandwich or some fries." So relatable, right? And then there's the other extreme, when the Grammy Award-winning singer doesn't feel like eating anything.

"It's really, really weird how back-and-forth I am," Spears explained.

Pretty sure no one will judge Spears, who juggles work, kids, and being fit at the same time. After all, stress makes it hard to resist urges and cravings.

Spears's Workout

Being hangry isn't the only thing anyone can relate with the "Toxic" singer, Spears is also a fan of simple workouts, which is perfect for her, especially since she has an upcoming Piece of Me tour which could really prove how hard it is to find time to eat healthy and stay fit. While this might be unbelievable because of how her body seemed to be toned, she stressed that she doesn't work out too much.

"I like to dance and I like yoga. I found a really good teacher. I think yoga is about finding the right teacher, so I can really get into that," she explained.

However, her Instagram feed would easily tell anyone that she does fun exercises at home to keep her body in shape. Her social media would also prove her love for dancing as she shared videos that can make anyone get up and move to the beat.

Of course, workouts, no matter how simple or complicated that might be, are enjoyable with the right company. Spears' boyfriend, model Sam Asghari, seemed to be 100 percent behind his lady, evident on their workout clips. Well, a couple that works out together, stays stronger, literally.