Mindy Kaling Reveals How She Stays Fit And Her Favorite Workouts


Mindy Kaling may be a busy mom, actress, and producer, but she doesn't forget about staying fit through her favorite workouts.

The 38-year-old is the June cover girl for Shape magazine and the multitalented star shared some of her favorite routines to keep her body fit. Kaling, who admitted that she loves food, learned to work her way around even when she was pregnant.

When her schedule is free, which meant she's not shooting, Kaling works out four to five times a week. The Ocean's 8 actress explained she's a fan of variety and that extends as well in her routines. For what she's currently into, she revealed that she has three workouts.

"I'll do a SoulCycle class, a strength-training class with my trainer, and yoga once a week," Kaling said, and even quipped that she's not good in the last type of workout despite being an Indian.

The Mindy Project star regards workouts and exercises as a "powerful tool for me mentally." Kaling stressed out that workouts isn't the road to being skinny, citing that her body type would require her to also keep a healthy, balanced diet.

While that is the case, Kaling admitted there are certain food she can't give up, like sushi and cocktails, though she pointed out she eats in moderation. What she does is that she just eats half of what's on her plate.

Active While Pregnant

Kaling's efforts to allot time for her three workouts only prove that she makes time for herself to become fit. Indeed, nothing can stop her from keeping herself healthy, even when she was still pregnant.

Kaling welcomed baby Katherine, whom she calls Kit, in December. While she was pregnant, many people noticed she didn't gain too much weight, and that's because, as much as she loves food, she already knows what could happen if she lets everything go.

Taking her doctor's advice, she decided to keep the weight gain at bay. Being pregnant also didn't stop her from moving around. Yup, Kaling worked out while she was still an expectant, saying she jogged and walked a lot and only stopped on the day she gave birth.

Role Model

Add to that, Kaling wanted be a role model for her daughter. She further underlined how important it is for Kit to see her mom exercising so she'll pick up what she sees from her mom.

"I would love for her to learn at a young age that exercise is a great habit to have," Kaling shared.

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