Demi Lovato Has A New Tattoo, And There's A Special Meaning Behind It

Apart from dropping a new song, Demi Lovato just recently showed her fans a new tattoo on Instagram and there's a deeper meaning behind the ink.

The singer took to Instagram Stories to debut her tattoo on her pinky finger, a cursive writing of the word "free." Another post revealed that it wasn't just Lovato who got the art, but also her team.

"The team that tats together stays together," Lovato wrote in one photo.

She shared the tattoo on June 25, but her upload stated June 22, which may be the day she actually got inked. While people have been scrambling to find out the story behind Lovato's newest addition to her more than 20 tattoos, it should be noted that last week, she revealed that she had relapsed after being sober for six years.

In her song "Sober," the lyrics need no explanation. The gist is that the person in the song, which uses the first person pronoun, is saying sorry to loved ones for having a break in sobriety. The song, which was released on June 21 or a day after Lovato might have had the tattoo, also spoke to the "ones who never left me," and apologized to them.

She took the stage on June 24 for the Rock in Rio Lisboa festival, and it was an emotional performance as obvious on the clip. Lovato even cried when she performed her newest song, and her fans, meanwhile, cheered on her as she tried her best to sing.

"Tonight, I took the stage, a new person with a new life," Lovato wrote when she shared the clip, which might be the reason behind her newest tattoo.

Upfront With Battles

Lovato has been open with her struggles with eating disorder, alcoholism, and even substance abuse. While she's not perfect, the former Disney child star is lauded because of how she remains true and transparent to her fans, and also because she works in her best effort to overcome and battle these demons.

So, her latest admission of a relapse in her more than five years of sobriety isn't an enough reason to shoo away her supportive fans. In Lovato's upload where she expressed her gratitude for staunch supporters who have been with her since Day 1, the comment section assured the 25-year-old that they wouldn't budge even with her latest revelation. Lovatics, or what her fans call themselves, started the hashtag #WeAreStillHereDemi as a sign of support.

It was in March when she took to her social media that she had reached a new milestone in life, that is being six years sober. Last year, Lovato also had a documentary titled Simply Complicated, which talked about what lies beyond the glamour and the limelight.

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