Reddi-Wip's New Dairy-Free Whipped Cream Comes In Coconut And Almond Milk Flavors

Reddi-wip, producer of everyone's favorite sweet treat, has launched two new non-dairy products, almond and coconut milk whipped creams, and everybody wins.

Finally, the beloved brand has released new vegan varieties of their signature product. Whether to give waffles some extra taste or just to spray directly into one's mouth, whipped creams might be one of the most needed products there is.

The non-dairy products were first teased and hinted last year, when rumors started swirling that Redd-wip is, er, whipping something new in their kitchen. In November, Conagra CEO Sean Connolly already announced the almond and coconut whipped creams from Reddi-wip but wasn't able to drop the exact date of release. He said that this was in a bid to address the growing demand of a non-dairy kind of the brand's infamous product.

Social Media Buzz

A lot of consumers expressed their excitement and happiness on social media over the newly released Reddi-wip non-dairy products. One Instagram user who already purchased the almond and coconut milk variants of whipped cream gave her verdict.

According to her, both are thick and creamy, but she found the coconut milk whipped cream better. Moreover, she explained that this one is sweeter than the almond and "leaves a better aftertaste."

"AFTER 3 LONG YEARS of waiting for a vegan reddi wip, we made it fam," she wrote.

The comment section reveals that some have already gotten wind of the new Reddi-wip products and have already bought both of the non-dairy products. There are also those who seemed to just got word on almond and coconut milk whipped creams and said they are going to try it.

Instagram user @somevegangirl also took to social media to share her great finds over Publix, the two new products. She suggested that both would be best on desserts and drinks.

Last year, Reddi-wip changed things up a bit in their whipped cream when Connolly announced the non-dairy products. The new version of the original variety now has natural flavors and cream from cows that have no artificial growth hormones.

Reddi-wip's move is a long time coming, when one considers its competitors who have long ventured into vegan whipped creams. Trader's Joe, for one, released last year their coconut-flavored, non-dairy product. Soyatoo also launched the Soy Whip and Rice Whip in 2017.

As for the newly released products, Reddi-wip might have remained quiet over the announcement for some reason. Fortunately, some consumers chanced upon these at a store.

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