Beyoncé may have excited fans with a teaser video on Sunday in which she hinted at a very "big" reveal for Monday morning's episode of "Good Morning America," however, when fans learned Beyoncé's reveal was in regards to her vegan diet, fans instantly began blasting the singer on social media.

Gossip Cop reports that Beyoncé's announcement was in regards to promoting her 22-Day vegan diet plan and vegan food delivery service in collaboration with trainer Marco Borges. While some were eager to learn how Beyoncé keeps her body looking lean, other fans lashed out at "GMA" and Beyoncé Monday morning as they were expecting a  much larger announcement, perhaps in regards to a potential second pregnancy confirmation or news regarding a collaborative album with husband Jay Z.

One fan who goes by the Twitter name, "MrMarinKnows" writes, "Beyonce really took to GMA to tell y'all she eats veggies. All of #BeyHive got caught with the mean pump fake. Ha!" while another user, kailynjamille, writes that Beyoncé was "wrong for asking people to wake up early enough for GMA just for her to be like 'surprise im vegan.'"

While fans weren't too keen on Beyoncé's "big" announcement, the singer did gush over her "22-Day Revolution" plan that Bey admits helped her to keep the weight off and tighten her skin.

Beyoncé admitted in her "Good Morning America" special that she is "proud of my curves," however, reveals she has "struggled since a young age with diets."

Beyoncé's trainer later went on to explain the diet in detail, emphasizing the importance of drinking water, eating the vegetable and plant-based diet and exercising for 30 minutes each day.

 What do you think of the singer's new 22-day vegan diet plan, will you be using Bey's new vegan meal delivery service?

This article was originally published on Fashion & Style