MAC is making it hard for lippie fans not to eat their newest lipsticks that come in many delectable flavors and colors.

The famous makeup brand is launching 15 dessert-flavored lipsticks that will surely be irresistible to lick. MAC's Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour collection is a sure treat to those who have a sweet tooth.

Caro Daur, famous influencer and model, is the spokesperson for this line that will easily take away the breath of onlookers. MAC's newest lipsticks will be dropped on June 11 online and June 14 in stores, and fans should be ready for some mousse-like texture to be applied to their pouts.

The flavors of MAC's Oh Sweetie lippies are Creamy Peach Pie, Funfetti Cake, Sugar Cookies, Key Lime Trifle, Wild Berry Frosting, Coconut Macaroon, Strawberry Mousse, Raspberry Cream, Raspberry Pavlova, Purple Panna Cotta, Banana Muffins, Death By Chocolate, Caramel Sugar, Gumdrop, and Strawberry Torte.

These MAC lipsticks will cost $17 each. Just take a look at these names, and it will leave anyone's mouth watery. If the names are not enough to entice, the packaging can surely seal the deal.


With the colorful shades available, the gloss container with candy sprinkles design will certainly make anyone want to eat the entire thing! Last month, fans already had a tiny glimpse of this MAC line when Dominic Skinner, a makeup artist, used lippies that had flavor and scent.

At the time, Skinner teased the line by dropping some of the products' names, though it was enough to tell that these will come in yummy flavors. This is MAC's latest creation after the cosmetics company teamed up with different brands.

MAC Collaborations

MAC has recently collaborated with designer Nicola Formichetti of Nicopanda in bringing an adorable makeup line perfect for the panda lovers. The product is nothing short of perfect, as the items came out in a black-and-white design, a nod to the panda-inspired streetwear.

While MAC has partnered with a streetwear brand, in April, it also teamed up with famous shoe brand Puma. The collaborations are endless, it seemed, and even the unthinkable partnership has been explored.

As a result, Puma offered its Suede Design in three shades taking from MAC's infamous lipstick colors, Lady Danger, Sin, and Crème d'Nude. Moreover, the shoes' tongue had the makeup brand's logo.

Of course, the makeup brand totally didn't forget about the young at heart. MAC and Disney previously teamed up for a Cinderella collection. It came out in 2015, and the packaging had light blue design as a nod to the all-time favorite fairytale, and it was dreamy to say the least.