Global sports lifestyle brand PUMA has announced the launch of InCycle Collection, its first line of biodegradable and recyclable products that includes footwear, apparel and accessories, Feb. 12.

 All the products in the collection boast of the "Cradle to Cradle Certified Basic" certification that marks the environment friendly quality of the products.

The InCycle Collection includes PUMA's Basket Tee, which is fully biodegradable and PUMA's Shopper made from minimal materials, all of which can be reused.

The collection also features a Basket lifestyle sneaker, the upper part of which is made from a mix of organic cotton and linen while the sole comes in  biodegradable plastic. This can be shredded into its component materials and goes back into the ecosystem in the form of natural humus.

"PUMA's Cradle to Cradle Certified[CM] Basic InCycle products represent a tremendous step forward in reducing our environmental footprint and giving consumers a more sustainable product choice," stated Reiner Hengstmann, global director of PUMA Safe. "The InCycle Basket and Basket Tee Biodegradable have been analyzed as part of PUMA's first Product Environmental Profit and Loss Account published in October 2012 and the results speak for themselves, showing that these two products impacted the environment by a third less than their conventional counterparts."

The recyclable products in the line include the PUMA Track Jacket and the PUMA Backpack. The track jacket has been made from recycled polyester from used PET bottles and the backpack is made of polypropylene, which can be broken down to the original substance and used again to make new backpacks.

 "PUMA's InCycle Collection raises the bar on what consumers can expect and what the apparel and textiles industries can deliver: products that are not only a delight to use and wear and but are also designed from the start to have a positive environmental footprint," said President of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

The InCycle Collection will hit PUMA stores in March 2013.