This Is The Zara Summer Dress Kate Middleton Wore, And It's Just $70

Kate Middleton recently had fun under the sun with her children at Prince William's polo match. Her outfit, a blue striped dress, caught the eye of the many because it looked all too familiar.

Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge's summer dress came from Zara for just $70, so it totally makes sense if people might have taken a double look at her outfit. Photos of her running around as she chased the kids proved one can move in that dress.

Apart from that, she rocked the chic outfit. As of writing, the said Zara dress is still available, but pretty sure it would soon be sold out, thanks to Middleton. If her status is not enough to convince the people to buy, just take a look at how comfortable the royalty looked and how she can move freely during the June 10 event.

Middleton paired the summer dress with wedges from Ressell and Bromley, as well as a Victoria Beckham bag. Her choice to wear something relatively cheap than other designer clothes is not far-fetched. This isn't the first time she chose to wear Zara either.

Affordable Choices

Middleton wore a $74-blue Zara dress twice, which proves that there's nothing wrong in rewearing clothes even if she's one of the most famous and influential persons in the world. Plus, her move is a huge nod to sustainability, something that needs addressing for a long time now in the fashion industry.

There are a lot of times when she opted for what suits her rather than the name, regardless of the price tag. In one appearance when she was still pregnant with Princess Charlotte, she wore a $59-ASOS dress. On her visit to India, she stunned with a red printed $74-Glamorous dress.

Some of her notable affordable pieces include a Topshop dress she wore when she was still pregnant as well. Middleton wore the polka dots dress, sold for $56, when she, husband Prince William, and Prince Harry went to the Harry Potter Studios.

For the other extreme, she was also spotted wearing designer clothes, that are, needless to say, very expensive. During her sister Pippa's wedding, Middleton wore a more than $2,600-pink dress, but more shocking were her earrings which cost more than $10,000. The bottom line is, she can rock clothes whether these come with a hefty price tag or a bargain. She remains to be a trendsetter in her appearances.

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