Chloe Lukasiak Returns to ‘Dance Moms’ Season 7B As Abby Miller Leaves For Prison

The original member of "Dance Moms", Chloe Lukasiak, who left three years ago and made a dramatic return in the season 7 finale. Chloe, who had a bad relationship with the instructor Abby Miller, admitted that she had been thinking of competing again, hinting that she might officially make a comeback in the future season.

Chloe Lukasiak decided to appear as a guest on the episode to surprise her former fellow teammates. However, she openly declared that she did not want to see Abby, who was the reason for Chloe quitting "Dance Moms". Her mother said that it would be possible for Chloe to return as a cast if Abby Miller is removed from the show, as reported by Seventeen.

Ever since quitting the show, the fifteen-year-old former "Dance Moms" cast has been busy getting some movie roles, including "Center Stage: On Pointe" on Lifetime. Chloe is also currently working on two ongoing projects "Loophole" and "Cowgirl's Story", according to HollywoodLife.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, besides starring in movies, Chloe Lukasiak revealed that she is also working on her own clothing line. She said that fashion has always been something she is interested in that she got from her mother. Her clothing line is described as comfortable, bright and fun.

Meanwhile, Abby Miller is going to find out whether she is going to be jailed for two years and a half or go through probation for fraud case according to Refinery29. The "Dance Moms" host has reportedly pled guilty for failing to claim over $750,000 income she earned from the show.

The "Dance Mom" Season 7 finale was aired on February 21, 2017. Though the show is going to be on a hiatus, the new season will be aired not so long after. However, the forthcoming season would be called Season 7B, instead of season 8, as reported by Bustle. Even though the date for Season 7B premiere has not been released yet, the season production has already begun, and it is possible that Chloe Lukasiak would make her official return to the show in the season.

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