‘Arrow’ Season 5 Will Revolve In a Love Triangle

There may be a love triangle on "Arrow" season 5. Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen, revealed that there is a possibility for a love triangle to happen. The actor also admitted that he was optimistic about the possible plot.

"To me, it could happen," he said to Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview. He explained that even though the possibility is there, he later continued that it is "certainly not destined to happen". 

Oliver Queen is married to Dinah Laurel Lance, played by Katie Cassidy. But on "Arrow" season 4, Laurel died and a new female character with the same name, Dinah, comes into the story and possibly to replace Laurel.

In the comic, Oliver ends up being with the first Black Canary who is portrayed by Juliana Harkavy's Dinah. With the addition of the new Dinah, it does not certainly mean there will be a romance between Arrow and the Black Canary, according to Entertainment Weekly.

However, the romance on "Arrow" season 5 does not seem to be simple, since Oliver's ex, Felicity, might reconcile with him. The two broke up because the lack of trust, yet they could be working on it to fix the relationship, as noted by Mobile & Apps.

Besides the well-kept secret about the romance, "Arrow" season 5 also revealed a big surprise. The villain's identity was revealed to be Adrian Chase, who was thought to be the vigilante by many, according to IGN.

Even the identity revelation came as a surprise to Josh Segarra, who plays as Prometheus, the season's villain. He opened up that he initially thought he would be playing Vigilante. And then, the actor learned that he actually was planned to play as the villain, after he prepared to play a different role on "Arrow" season 5.

However, the mystery of "Arrow" season 5 does not end there. There are still some unexplained things, including the villain's motivation and background, that will be revealed in the later episodes. Wendy Mericle, the producer and the writer of the series, said that she purposely waited to reveal the villain's identity to build up Oliver and Chase's relationship to make a twist.

The revelation of Prometheus' identity also might be the reason for Oliver and Felicity to reconcile. In an interview with Mashable, Mericle explained that Oliver and Felicity might start to rebuild their relationship after Oliver killed Felicity's boyfriend.

Watch "Arrow" season 5 trailer here:

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