‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Delay: Creator Dan Harmon Clarifies there is no Drama

The animated sitcom third season release is going to be delayed and fans are disappointed. Their disappointment also comes with speculations after the series creator, Dan Harmon implied that the season delay is caused by a fight between the creators. Harmon then released a statement on his Twitter, clarifying that there is no fight as the dramatic reason of the "Rick and Morty" delay.

It took almost one year and a half for the series to release the third season and Dan Harmon said in an interview at Sundance Film Festival that Justin Roiland, the "Rick and Morty" co-creator "have fights all the time," and that makes it longer to produce the show. He also told the audience that when he and Roiland did not fight when creating the season two, and that is why it was quicker to finish, as reported by the Independent.

Dan Harmon also said that he did not know when "Rick and Morty" season three will be released and that the delay was because of him, according to Paste. The statement was taken as the uncertainty about whether or not the forthcoming season will air this year.

People then quickly spread the news across the internet and people started assuming that the creators have been fighting over the upcoming season. Following the people's questioning and critics, Dan Harmon later gave an explanation on Twitter to clarify his previous statement.

He released fifteen tweets, saying that the fight he was talking about at the Indiwire interview at Sundance was not the fight that people would think but rather arguments about how they were going to present the jokes for "Rick and Morty". "But the truth is not dramatic," Dan Harmon said in a tweet and then he continued, "It's quite boring."

Dan Harmon explained that they have never had a fight and they both always respect and want to please each other when it comes to "Rick and Morty". He concluded that their professionalism might be the reason for the show delay.

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