‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Teaser Shows Mad Queen & More

 "Game of Thrones" is delaying its seventh season as production is stitching together the rest of the story now that the show has long since surpassed the timeline of George RR Martin's books.

As pointed out by the Independent UK, HBO is yet to release a trailer, however they did unveil two new "in Production Now" clips, which sees Brienne of Tarth's famous Oathkeeper, being wielded by an unknown person, as fans have speculated that the hand may not be Brienne's. Theories as to who the wielder could be has been thrown around - Podrick being one of the names mentioned, while Jamie Lannister could be another contender - or worse yet, the Oathkeeper could fall into the wrong hands.

In lieu of the wrong hands, the second clip released is darker, with a made-up Lena Heady as Queen Cersei, looking moody as she sat with the crown, intent on taking back what she lost. The clips showed no big spoilers yet, although from then on, it seems that Cersei will play an inevitable huge role for the show's seventh season.

There is now way of knowing whether or not the two teasers could be linked in some way, however, as Games Radar noted, the Oathkeeper is very important for the show's end game - after all, there is an oncoming threat of not only Dragons, but of White Walkers as well, leading fans to believe that somehow, the Valyrian-steeled sword could help the North triumph over the zombie-like creatures near the wall.

There had been no reports as to when "Game of Thrones" could return for its penultimate season, but according to Liam Cuningham (Sir Davos), the show should be on-air by July 2017 - a long wait for fans who have been used of seeing the series broadcast during the spring months.

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