'Glee' Star Darren Criss Says Blaine Anderson And Chris Colfer's Kurt Hummel Should End Up Together 'Like All Great, Fun Love Stories'

Since The Hollywood Reporter broke the news last August that Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) may now be "romantically entangled" with Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) when "Glee" returns for its sixth and final season, Blaine and Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) shippers have become worried that their favorite couple might not end up together at the finale of the Fox musical dramedy. And though Criss has no creative control over the show's plot, he, just like Klaine fans, is hoping for a happy ending between the two characters.

Criss said on this week's's Pop Shop Podcast that he really cannot tell yet whether Blaine and Kurt will end up in a romantic relationship together when "Glee" closes next year.

"It's too early to say - I don't know because we're still just in the beginning of the season. I've only shot two [episodes], so I don't really know," said the 27-year-old actor-musician. "I have my hopes, you know - I think the romantic, and the pragmatist, in me, the absolute practical common sense in me goes, 'Well, yeah, they should be together, like all great, fun love stories.'"

But "Glee" being "Glee," anything can come about. "Geez, 'Glee' can do anything at the drop of a hat, so who knows what will happen?" he said. "But of course you want to see them together, in some nice flourish of an ending, and tie everything up in a nice little bow. I think the fans would appreciate that. But who knows, who really knows?"

Adler, on the other hand, finds the not so good fan reaction - especially from Klaine shippers - about Karofsky's return "flattering."

The backlash means fans "care, because they're invested in not only the story lines, but the characters and the show," he told TooFab. "I think that's a credit to the writers and producers that six seasons in, you still have these really passionate, die-hard fans. I think that's a good thing."

But outside the issue of whether Karofsky is now "romantically entangled" with Blaine, the returning "Glee" star wants fans to also focus on the fact that the homophobic bully turned openly gay guy is moving on with life after his tragic suicide attempt in Season 3.

"Beyond whatever happens in the relationship territory I think the important thing to focus on is that Karofsky is alive and he's well and he came out on the other side of his suicide attempt and whatever he's doing, he's doing it. You know, he's living," the 28-year-old actor told Bustle.

"He's having adventures, experiences, he's meeting people, he's out there and I think that is what I would want people to take away and have resonate with them no matter who he's with or holds hands with or kisses at the end of the day," he added.

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