"The Flash" is set to debut Tuesday, Oct. 7 on CW, and Grant Gustin - who plays the titular role - recently said that his short stint on "Glee" helped him  prepare for portraying the ultra fast superhero from the DC Comics universe.

When asked by Torornto Sun if he's excited for both the praises and criticisms that comes with portraying a popular comic book character, Gustin answered: "Well, I don't just have 11-year-old 'Glee' fans any more, if that's what you mean."

The 24-year-old actor, who played Sebastian Smythe in seven episodes of the Fox musical dramedy, went on to discuss what kind of viewers would be interested in watching his new show.

"It definitely is a different type of fan, for sure. They're older. More males," he explained. "If I weren't in ("The Flash"), I'm the type who definitely would be aware that the show is coming. It's more people who are kind of like me, and older than me, who are excited about this. It's great to see my peers and adults excited, not just kids, it's great."

Though "The Flash" is geared towards adult viewers, more than kids and teenagers, Gustin said that his experience in "Glee" significantly helped him prepare for playing the superhero role.

"At the end of the day, I want the fans to be happy, of course, but I think my experience on' Glee' was crucial," he said. "Not knowing what to expect there, and how I came into that show, where I was trying to split up one of the favorite couples (Kurt and Blaine, played by Chris Colfer and Darren Criss, respectively)."

"I think it was the best first job I could have had, for so many reasons," he said of "Glee." "I'm actually really glad I had that experience before 'The Flash.' I definitely appreciate it when people enjoy my work and say nice things, but I also can read negative things now and not be bothered. Because I love what I'm doing, and I focus on that."

"I think 'Glee' also helped to humble me a little bit," he added. "[Because] to be such a small part of something that was such a grand-scale show, it kind of humbled me going forward with everything."

Meanwhile, in an interview with Sioux City Journal, Gustin revealed that he was an obsessed Superman fan growing up. In fact, he has a tattoo on his left arm in his mom's handwriting that reads: "Superman...I love him." Younger Gustin, who is big fan of the Christopher Reeve films, also loved to color Superman pictures drawn by his mother.

"I wasn't really into comic books," he told the newspaper. "I didn't really even know where to find them as a kid. But I was obsessed with Superman."

Though "The Flash" may appear on the surface as just another CW superhero drama, it firmly avoids the dark tone of "Arrow," and instead centers on the optimistic spirit of its title character, Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported.