It looks like "Glee" season 6 cast member Chris Colfer didn't get an invite to Naya Rivera's secret wedding to Ryan Dorsey earlier this month. Just like her fans and many of her friends, the actor who plays Kurt didn't even know a marriage ceremony was happening for his costar.

According to Us Weekly, during a chat with Access Hollywood on Wednesday, July 30th, the Fox star talked about his costar's surprise nuptials. Colfer, 24, told Billy Bush and guest host Jack Osbourne, "No! I didn't know! But I was very happy for her," adding, "They are a cute couple. I think she's very happy."

When asked if he has reached out to Naya Rivera since her wedding day he admitted, "I said, 'Congratulations, that's great.' I didn't know it was real at first. I wasn't sure if I should congratulate because you never know what's real anymore."

The actress who plays Santana on the musical series married actor Ryan Dorsey in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on July 19th. Many people weren't even aware that Rivera was dating someone following the end of her engagement to rapper Big Sean in April.

A source told E! News, that the actress is content in her new marriage. The insider revealed, "She's telling everyone she's really in love. She seems to believe it," adding, "Even people who know her really well had no idea she was getting married."

A second source revealed that the wedding was "very small" and only consisted of "immediate family" meaning only parents and siblings.

The first source added that "no one gets the timing," seeing as Naya Rivera "was devastated after the break up with Big Sean."

Following her shocking marriage a source said, "I think she wants to do something positive after all the ugly problems with Big Sean and with Glee," adding, "To show everyone she is not down for the count."

However, the petite starlet isn't the only one who has caught the love bug. Her "Glee" costar and rumored rival Lea Michele has also being stepping out with her new boyfriend Matthew Paetz following the death of her love Cory Montieth.

Chris Colfer admitted that his has not met his pal's boyfriend yet. He revealed, "I have not met him but I remember her talking about him," adding, "I'm very happy for her."