Max Adler previously confirmed that he is reprising his role as Dave Karofsky in the sixth and final season of "Glee," and while he cannot reveal too much information about his four-episode story arc, he recently opened up how grateful he is to be back on the show to give his character some closure.

"Glee reached out and asked if I'd be interested in reprising the role and coming back and being a part of the final season, and I was very excited to get that opportunity," he told Wetpaint. "'Glee' has a special place in my heart, as does that role, so I decided to be a part of the final season."

"It's nice to be back and be able to close out the character and be part of the final season," he added in a recent interview with Celebuzz. "The show has meant so much to me, and the character has meant so much to me, and so it's nice to come back and finish it off with all the producers and the writers and the cast who are now friends. It's really a cool experience."