Neil Patrick Harris Says His Wedding To David Burtka Was Fun And Emotional

Neil Patrick Harris married his longtime partner David Burtka in Italy last week, and now the 41-year-old Tony-winning actor is spilling details about their intimate wedding ceremony.

Appearing on "The View" Wednesday morning, Sept. 17, the "How I Met Your Mother" actor revealed that he and Burtka decided to get married for their 3-year-old twins, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace.

"We just have been together over 10 years and I think when our kids got to the age where they were having reasonable conversation, when they're asking lots of why questions, to have a real clear-cut explanation of who their daddy is. I think it's great [to say], 'He's my husband' and it was easier than partner or boyfriend or something like that," explained Harris, according to EntertainmentWise.

As for how private their Italian wedding ceremony was, the Golden Globe-nominated actor said, "It was nice. It was very small, intimate. Only 45 people were there. We did a destination wedding so it kind of kept the numbers down. I just wanted to be able to say nice things about David, to David, in front of the people who matter most to us...a declaration to share in front of our kids," according to E! News.

Elton John and Kelly Ripa were present at the special occasion.

"How I Met Your Mother" director Pam Fryman was the one who officiated the wedding, People reported.

Harris also admitted that he got emotional when it came to saying "I do."

"It was so crazy, because when you watch other people say their vows and they get all chocked up, you think, 'Come on, pull it together, man!'" he continued. "Then when you are standing there and it's you and you have this piece of paper in your hand and it's shaking ... you can't help but just get super-duper chocked up. I wasn't a crying mess or anything, but they're important words that need to be heard by the person that you're [marrying] was fun."

Gideon and Harper also played a part in the ceremony.

"They were fun. Harper was the flower girl," Harris revealed. "Gideon was supposed to be the ring bearer. He said, 'I'm the orange boy.' We said, 'What in the world is an orange boy?' He explained this whole thing that he comes down with a basket of oranges and he hands the oranges to everyone."

But the plan for the twins to walk down the aisle did not end up accordingly.

"Harper was gonna go first and do the flower petals. She's much more into 'Frozen' and Tinkerbell and performing...She was very excited to throw flowers at people...We're about to start. Harper doesn't go and she panics," recalled Harris. "She's starting to cry and we're all stressed, like, 'You have to go now! We've timed this to the sunset'...I was like, 'David, let's pick her up and we'll all go together."

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