Boots UK Skin Diagnosis
Boots Launches 24-Hour Online Doctor Service for Skin Condition Diagnosis
The new online Skin Condition Diagnosis service aims to provide patients suffering from skin conditions with quick and convenient access to diagnosis and clinical advice.
Summer Beauty Tips, Products, Trends & Essentials: Women Spend Big In Beauty To Look Good For Summer
Looking good in the summer sets the average woman back $23,952 in her lifetime! Researchers found a flurry of panic sets in at the thought of looking good in the summer, leading to girls shelling out on fake tan treatments, pedicures, and waxing their way to body confidence. With the average w...
What Not to Wear Across The Pond: Top 20 Summer Beauty & Fashion Faux Pas in the UK
Summer will soon be here, and with it, a lot of people showing a lot of skin. And that includes our firends across the pond in the UK. Socks and sandals, streaky fake tans, and swimwear a size too small have been named on a list of the most common fashion faux pas among the British. Research...
Brits Shell Out On Snail Gel This Christmas To Help Wrinkles Escar-Go!
The latest celebrity wonder ingredient made from the slime of snails is fast becoming a 'must have' beauty buy for Brits preparing for the party season, thanks to its unique anti-aging properties. Beauty4Media reports that sales of Snail Gel have increased by nearly 700 per cent at health food ch...
The Secret To the Perfect Haircut: Study Reveals What Women Really Want
So what goes into making the perfect haircut? You'd be surprised! A woman's perfect haircut involves having two inches cut off, a head massage - and exchanging two pieces of gossip with the hairdresser, a study has revealed. Researchers found the ideal hair appointment will also take place ar...
UK Poll Reveals List Of Celebs British Women Want To Look Like Most
Across the pond, women of the UK look to celebs for beauty inspiration just like us. A recent poll reveals what stars British women would want to look like the most, and whose personalities they'd like to have. According to a poll conducted by the goodsurgeonguide, UK's only cosmetic surgery revi...
Where is Justin Bieber from? Not 'that' London, as singer leaves UK fans waiting over two hours for performance, never apologizes
Where is Justin Bieber from? Not 'that' London, as singer leaves UK fans waiting over two hours for performance and never apologizes.
Justin Bieber Twitter: No Justin Bieber Birthday Fun according to singer's Twitter page. Bieber Justin turns 19, out with Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke and Jaden Smith
Bieber's twitter page calls March 1st birthday "worst birthday." Bieber and his crew were denied club entry and sent packing for being too young to drink.


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