Summer Beauty Tips, Products, Trends & Essentials: Women Spend Big In Beauty To Look Good For Summer

Did you know looking good in the summer sets the average woman back $23,952 in her lifetime?!

Researchers found a flurry of panic sets in at the thought of looking good in the summer, leading to women shelling out on fake tan treatments, pedicures, and waxing their way to body confidence.

And this isn't just women in the US. Across the pond, the average woman spends out $402 a year in the UK. This amounts to $23,721 between the ages of 18-75 spent on looking good for the summer.

The study of 2,000 women found the preparation takes at least four gruelling weeks for the average woman who has at least seven urgent things she wants to do to prepare herself for the warmer months.

Exfoliating rough skin, waxing, moisturizing, buying make-up with SPF protection and new shoes all featured on the top 20 summer to-do list.

Ensuring feet are flip-flop ready was also top priority on the summer to-do list, with de-fuzzing of legs ranking highly amid a new wardrobe being purchased for the summer season.

The research, which was commissioned by Scholl Express Pedi and Veet EasyWax as they announce their collaboration with Abbey Clancy.

Aurore Bordeau, spokesperson for Scholl Express Pedi and Veet EasyWax, said, "The results show that the preparation a woman puts into her look ahead of the summer isn't just a case of pampering herself but a process that provides a very real boost of confidence."

The biggest beauty concerns for women were feeling out of shape followed by the thought of the upcoming battle removing unwanted hair and 'de-fuzzing'.

The Scholl and Veet spokeswoman added: ''The results show just how much thinking and fretting women go through to look and feel good over summer.

TOP 20 Summer 'To Do' List

1. Buy new summer footwear

2. Moisturise legs regularly

3. Buy a new summer wardrobe

4. Exfoliate more in general

5. Start a healthy eating regime

6. Exfoliate/scrub feet regularly

7. Start an exercise plan

8. Buy beauty products with SPF protection

9. Buy new moisturising products

10. Buy foot-care products

11. Pedicure feet

12. Buy fake tan

13. Get hair re-styled/dyed for summer

14. Wax legs

15. Buy new summer make-up

16. Get a manicure

17. Buy hair products for sun protection

18. Get a bikini wax

19. Buy new exfoliating products

20. Use facemasks to clear skin

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