Summer will soon be here, and with it, a lot of people showing a lot of skin. And that includes our friends across the pond in the UK.

Socks and sandals, streaky fake tans, and swimwear a size too small have been named on a list of the most common fashion faux pas among the British.

Researchers who polled 2,000 people in the UK to uncover the top summer no-no's for both men and women found beer bellies, union jack shorts and thongs on the beach also on the list. Muffin tops, panda eyes and peeling sunburn also made it into the top 20. The poll also found wearing heavy make-up on the beach was named as a fail for women.

"The UK is used to having bad weather, so it's understandable we want to make the most of the good weather when we do get it," said Helen Boyle, fashion stylist for Swimwear365 which commissioned the poll.

Other fashion no-no's to occur in the hotter months include wearing high heels on a beach. And while Brits are quick to point out a summer faux pas on other people, 40% of Brits have admitted to committing a fashion disaster themselves.

Unsightly tan lines, bright red sunburn and swimsuits or bikinis that are too tight are among the most committed of those offences.

But it seems honesty is the best policy, with one in four claiming they would tell a friend immediately if they were to turn up wearing a summer fashion disaster. When it comes to strangers, however, only one in ten would approach someone they didn't know and tell them honestly that they'd made a mistake when getting dressed that morning.

"Brits aren't well known for communicating with strangers, so it's encouraging to see that some would be happy to warn a stranger if they had the potential to embarrass themselves," Boyle noted.

Top 20 Summer Fashion Faux Pas

1. Socks and sandals

2. Streaky fake tan

3. Swimwear that's too small

4. Beer belly

5. Union jack shorts

6. Thongs

7. Dodgy tan lines

8. Heavy make-up on the beach

9. Skirt tucked in to knickers

10. Peeling sunburn

11. Sunburn

12. Muffin tops

13. Panda eyes

14. Saggy swimsuit

15. Heels with a bikini

16. Skimpy swimming trunks

17. A cap worn back to front

18. See through cover-ups or swimwear

19. Tattoos on legs

20. Swimwear sitting too low on the waist