New Dental Material Resists Plaque and Kills Microbes, Penn Dental Medicine Team Finds
Penn Dental Medicine developed a material that can help prevent formation of plaque and tooth decay.
Top San Diego Dentists Share 'Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40'
This new book by two sisters who survived concentration camp and became award-winning dentists in San Diego reveal the secrets to a healthy smile after 40.
How to Achieve Inner Beauty
How to achieve true beauty -- inner beauty.
Great Smile Ranks Most Important For Dating: New Survey Reveals Top 10 Most Kissable Cities in America
A great smile is important to Americans - especially when it comes to dating. In fact, a recent national survey conducted on behalf found that when judging a potenaSay cheese! A bright set of pearly whites is of course a beauty must have, but teeth are really important in some areas of t...
Facial Gymnastics: How To Exercise Your Face To Fight Wrinkles & Aging
You may not be aware that more than 50 muscles make up the structure of your face, and that their fitness can have a profound effect on its appearance Did you know you can tone your facial muscles just as you tone the other muscles in your body? Facial exercises can have a significant impact on y...
Dental 101: Celebrity Dentist Dr. Banker Answers Your FAQ's About Teeth
We get so many questions from readers about how to keep their pearly whites pristine, so we tapped celebrity dentist Dr. Banker to give us the 411:
How To Reboot Your Smile: Beverly Hills Dentist Introduces "The Smile Lift"
Premiere Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Kourosh Maddahi reveals modern dentistry's most cutting-edge procedure: the Smile Lift. Marking a pinnacle in age-reversing dentistry, the Smile Lift leverages strategic dental shaping, coloring, and placement to give each patient treated a significant...
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Kristen Bell
Between a new baby, a new film and the likelihood of soon becoming a newlywed, actress Kristen Bell sure does have a lot to grin about. So just how does Bell keep her smile so picture perfect for the paparazzi? We have her secret!


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