Premiere Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Kourosh Maddahi reveals modern dentistry's most cutting-edge procedure: The Smile Lift. 

Marking a pinnacle in age-reversing dentistry, the Smile Lift is said to leverage strategic dental shaping, coloring, and placement to give each patient treated a significantly more youthful appearance.  Now, instead of temporary fillers or surgeries, people in search of the fountain of youth need not look any further than their own grin.

"I believe most people know that a white, healthy smile alone can make a person appear 10 years younger," Dr. Maddahi explained.  "However, the age-reversing benefits of cosmetic dentistry need not end there.  For instance, something as detailed as perfecting the length and width of the teeth can dramatically affect the perceived age of the entire jawline, while something as meticulous as widening the jaw's arch can restore fullness in an otherwise sunken face."

Dr. Maddahi reboots aging smiles by using a full-set of properly placed veneers, restoring facial symmetry, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, as well as reshaping hollowed cheeks and thinning lips caused by aging. 

Popular injectable fillers are known to offer only a temporary solution to sagging, wrinkled, or hollowed faces, while more invasive surgical procedures oftentimes appear unnatural or severe.  However, Dr. Maddahi's Smile Lift is said to be able to actually rebuild a patient's youthful appearance from the inside out, resulting in a permanent and natural-looking solution.

"Most patients are shocked when they realize as much as one-third of the face can be changed by strategic dentistry alone," Dr. Maddahi told us. "For each patient, I examine their individual facial structure and how it relates to signs of aging.  From there, I am able to craft a specialized plan to best restore the look of their youth."

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