Tips To Create The Perfect Bath Soak: How To Create Relaxing Stress-Free Pampering At Home Using Water Or Hydro Therapy
Did you know water or hydro therapy can be traced to about 4500 BC to the areas that are now Egypt, Iraq and Iran? Immersing the body in water has been medically proven to be a very relaxing, therapeutic and a complement to a healthy lifestyle or those in need of improved well-being, this is why ...
8 Ways To Reduce Holiday Stress For Less: Tips On How To Treat Yourself & Find Pampering Me-Time
With the holidays quickly approaching it's common for many consumers to begin stressing over money, travel and family issues. Luckily we have Spa Week, the annual event where local and national spa companies offer $50 deals on massages, facials and other treatments. While this is a great time to ...
Facials, Pedicures, Massages: How To Manage You Me-Time
The craze of our lives can make it really difficult to carve out time for ourselves. Work, home, relationships, and dozens of responsibilities eat up the time. The notion of spa days just doesn't jive with the real life scenario most of us face, so here are four ways to ensure you're getting in just...


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