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8 Ways To Reduce Holiday Stress For Less: Tips On How To Treat Yourself & Find Pampering Me-Time

ByKim West
Nov 05, 2014 12:00 AM EST

With the holidays quickly approaching it's common for many consumers to begin stressing.

Luckily we have Spa Week, the annual event where local and national spa companies offer $50 deals on massages, facials and other treatments. While this is a great time to get pampered and de-stress for less, it also reminds us that you don't need the royal (and expensive) treatment to reap the benefits.

Here are several budget-friendly tips for pampering yourself and fending off stress to enjoy the holiday season and beyond:

Be a guinea pig. Massage therapy requires certified professionals. This certification requires training within massage therapy schools, and budding masseuses must practice their budding skills.

Research the massage therapy schools and training programs in your area and sign up to be a guinea pig. This is an inexpensive way to get a massage and help someone hone their skills.

Look for coupons. Introductory offers are plentiful among salon outlets, but they only last one session. Look for other means of money-savings through coupons, daily deals and promotional newsletters.

For example, you can find coupon codes to SpaFinder through deal sites like, or save big bucks on a chiropractic-massage session through Groupon. Additionally, signing up for newsletters from local spas can yield new member discounts.

Find free yoga. If you suffer from back pain or other muscle-related discomfort, consider a consistent yoga practice to treat your tightness.

Most yoga studios offer a free day or even a free week's worth of classes so you can find instructors and styles that meet your needs.

Free yoga classes are also offered by businesses like Lululemon, or by studios who also train yoga teachers and need students as part of the certification program.

More holiday stress-relieving tips tomorrow!

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