Top Professional Pitfalls: 5 Beauty Mistakes Not To Make At Work
It is possible to look pretty in a professional setting, but there's always that co-worker that takes things a little too far. Check out our five biggest beauty blunders for the office and tell us if you or someone you know is guilty of committing these professional pitfalls:
Beauty Blunders To Avoid: 5 Things Not To Do This Fall With Your Makeup & Skin Care
A new season is always exciting to prepare for, but sometimes we can all get a little too carried away. Fall is slowly but surely creeping up on us and with the new crisp air, here are five tips to keep in mind before you go overboard:
Get Ready Quickly: Beauty On-The-Go Tips For The Busy Woman
Don't you just hate when you're running late and have to sacrifice your makeup in order to make up time? We hear you. Sitting around the beauty roundtable in our office, our team members each offered up helpful ways to try and get ready for the day in no time flat. Use these tips when you're f...
Microbeads Ban: New 'Think Dirty' App Helps You Figure Out Toxic Ingredients In Your Makeup & Food
Remember when we told you about the dangers of microbeads in your skin care products? These little beads seem helpful when we're exfoliating skin, but they're actually harmful environmental concerns, damaging the purity of lakes and rivers. Microbeads are often listed as polyethylene and polyp...
Meet Breakups to Makeup: Accessories For Those Who Love The Art Of Makeup
Have you come across this super cute accessories line yet? Meet Breakups to Makeup Breakups to Makeup is the brainchild of makeup artist Angelique Velez. The brand launched in June last year to spread the message that makeup is more than just a product but also a form of art.
Gabrielle Union Shares Her 5 Best Beauty Tips For Skin, Makeup, and Whiter Teeth
We love beauty tips straight from the celebs. Actress Gabrielle Union recently shared a wealth of knowledge on what she does to stay gorgeously fabulous. Check out what the star told Hello Beautiful about her five best beauty tips:
New To Market: Meet Tat2U Extreme Color Makeup & Body Art
Ready for a little edge? Tat2U Extreme Color is a line of edgy, vibrant makeup for the modern woman who wants to stand out in a crowd. Extremely pigmented, Tat2U Extreme Color is all about the eye-popping pizzazz! Tat2U is a new line of body art products designed for the professional makeup ar...
How To Look Like You're Not Wearing Makeup Part Two: Tips from Beauty Expert & TV Host Rebecca Spera
The verdict is in! Natural makeup is the personal pick among men and women alike. Ready to dial back your beauty regime? Check out Part Two of our interview with Rebecca Spera, host of Mirror Mirror on the Live Well Network. Read what tips the beauty expert has to offer up below!
How To Look Like You're Not Wearing Makeup: Tips from Beauty Expert & TV Host Rebecca Spera
So with the recent study out about how less makeup is actually mor eattractive to both men and women, we had to tap an expert to teach us eavy handed beautifiers how to go easy and lighten tings up. Check out what ??? had to tell us when it comes to keeping your beauty routine simple, yet sexy:
Less Is More: New Study Shows Men & Women Prefer Less Makeup On Faces
Before you get ready to glam it up with a vanity full of products, you might wanna read about this latest study. A new poll suggests that men and women prefer faces wearing less makeup. Published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, the study explains that both males and females w...
Feel Like A Makeover? 5 Times To Know When Not to Change Your Look
We all get bored with our style every now and then. There's nothing like a little variety to switch up and take the ordinary to extraordinary. But before you feed into that impulse to reinvent yourself consider these 5 reasons why you might wanna hold back and decide against any drastic changes.
Target Comes Under Fire For Botched Photoshop Photos Of Model Tanya Marie Keller
OK, something isn't right here. Target is under fire for a freakishly unusual image of a model that was photoshopped into oblivion. From chunks of thigh that were noticeably not where they would normally be, to shrunken crotches, and super elongated arms, the images of these over-edited models...
Beauty Editor Brain Power: The Business of Beauty, Rising Trends and Consumer Behavior
Want the scoop on the hottest beauty prducts from an seasoned vet? Ask Kathleen Hou! She is the Beauty Editor at New York Magazine's The Cut. Check out what Kathleen had to tell BeautyPress about what every gal should have in her beauty bag:
Dancing With The Stars: Behind The Scenes Beauty Secrets From Makeup Director Zena Shteysel
Ever wonder what the beauty secrets are to making Dancing With The Stars so hot and picture perfect? Check out what secrets the Makeup Director for the show, Zen Shteysel had to share with us!
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Ginger Rogers
This week we honor classic beauty, Ginger Rogers. An icon of Hollywood cinema, this legendary starlet of the silver screen is best known for her amazing dance routines that paired her talented moves with the one and only Fred Astaire. A Missouri native, Rogers would go on to star in a whopping 70...
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