foundation swatch
(Photo : Vecteezy/Nadezda Audigié)

There are numerous options for applying your base makeup, whether it be foundation, concealer, skin tint, BB cream, or CC cream. Understanding the distinctions among these choices is crucial to finding what best suits your preferences and needs.

Let's delve into the differences between BB cream and CC cream.

BB cream, an abbreviation for beauty balm or blemish balm cream, offers a sheer and lightweight coverage compared to CC cream and regular foundation. Ideal for everyday use, it imparts a natural appearance while reducing redness and providing a subtle illumination to the skin. Depending on the specific BB cream, it can yield either a matte or dewy finish.

Healthline noted that BB cream goes beyond mere coverage; it incorporates skincare benefits such as hydration, anti-aging properties, and SPF protection. This multitasking and skin-loving product can potentially replace several steps in your skincare routine.

In contrast, CC cream, short for color correcting or complexion correcting cream, provides medium-to-full coverage that effectively conceals dark spots, blemishes, and redness, according to Maybelline.

L'oreal Paris explained that CC cream achieves this by neutralizing imperfections with colors opposite each other on the color wheel. For example, green cancels out red tones. Rather than using separate color-correcting concealer and foundation, CC cream offers an all-in-one solution for color correction and coverage.

While CC cream has a thicker formula and provides more coverage for blemishes, BB cream excels in offering additional skincare benefits and a natural radiant appearance. Choosing between the two depends on individual preferences and the desired balance between coverage and skincare advantages.

When to use BB and CC cream

In essence, BB cream offers a solution for those seeking a multitasking product that prioritizes skin health, making it perfect for daily use. On the other hand, CC cream is the preferred choice for effective color correction and coverage, making it an ideal option for special occasions.

Opt for BB cream when you want to simplify your usual skincare routine by skipping steps like moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, and foundation. Even with this streamlined approach, BB cream helps reduce redness and provides a sheer, naturally glowing look. Ensure your chosen BB cream includes SPF for added sun protection.

If you have blemishes or acne that you want to cover without applying a heavy layer of makeup like foundation and concealer, or if you're short on time to do so, CC cream is the solution.