eye makeup tape makeup trend (Photo : Vecteezy/Craven A)

Beauty content creators around the world are unleashing their boundless creativity through the tape makeup trend.

With an astounding 84.5 million views and counting under the hashtag #tapemakeupchallenge on TikTok, this new trend has swiftly dominated the platform, elevating the makeup game for artists and enthusiasts alike.

What is the tape makeup trend?

This trend epitomizes using the face as a canvas and makeup as a form of art. Participants, true to the challenge's name, utilize a tape and apply a single line above the eyes, aligned with the eyebrows, and another below the eyes, just beneath the lower lash line, to act as borders for the area where they will work on their makeup.

tape makeup challenge (Photo : TikTok/chizhmakeup)

Then comes the creative and fun eye makeup; picture vibrant rainbows, dazzling glitters, and intricate drawings all flourishing within the space between the two strips of tape.

This makeup trend highlights the eyes. TikTok users dive into a palette of colors using makeup tools like eyeshadows and eyeliners.

There are no boundaries as everyone can go wild, experimenting with any color or design they desire.

Different tape makeup ideas by influencers

Each person who has participated in the challenge puts their unique spin on the tape makeup trend, and here are some creative concepts shared by TikTok users.

1. Midnight Sky

tape makeup challenge (Photo : TikTok/runscay)
Using blues and greens, this tape makeup design showcases hand-drawn white stars and moons, resembling a serene midnight sky.
tape makeup challenge (Photo : TikTok/chizhmakeup)
tape makeup challenge (Photo : TikTok/sfeashraa)

2. Rainbow-Inspired Makeup

tape makeup challenge (Photo : TikTok/anemariemua)

Bringing vibrancy and fun, this concept features rainbow colors embellished with sparkles and studded rhinestones for a touch of drama.

tape makeup challenge (Photo : TikTok/beatsbydeb)

3. Pink Sky

tape makeup challenge (Photo : TikTok/jamescharles)

Inspired by a pink-hued sky, this makeup includes whimsical white cloud rainbows, a softer take on the celestial theme.

tape makeup challenge (Photo : TikTok/layalimakeoverr)

As an alternative, consider this concept that incorporates mini hearts instead of stars or even make your look literally shine by adding lots of glitter.

tape makeup challenge (Photo : TikTok/frishtaxx)

4. Dark Starry Night

tape makeup challenge (Photo : TikTok/melaniemercds)

A more intense version of the midnight sky, this tape makeup explores darker hues such as black and gray. It can also include glitter and studded mini pearls or rhinestones.

tape makeup challenge (Photo :TikTok/makeupbymemz8)

5. Alluring Red

tape makeup challenge (Photo : TikTok/thisisshamss)

Exuding boldness, this red tape makeup pairs well with red lips, emanating a captivating charm.

6. Hot Pink with Flowers

tape makeup challenge (Photo : TikTok/bebeglam)

Steering away from stars and sparkles, this variation features large white flowers layered over a vibrant hot pink backdrop, ensuring a standout and attention-grabbing look.

How to do the tape makeup challenge

There aren't strict rules for the tape makeup challenge, but here's a simple guide:

1. Apply tape above and below your eye area, ensuring it's not overly adhesive to avoid pulling off eyebrows.

2. Start with a foundation or concealer for a clean canvas before diving into your eyeshadow.

3. Use various eyeshadow brushes and colors from your palette to fill the space horizontally between the tapes, starting with larger brushes and refining with smaller ones for detail work.

4. Carefully remove the tapes to reveal the designated area for your eye makeup.

5. Enhance the look with mascara, false lashes, and white highlighter to draw desired designs. Feel free to embellish with rhinestones or pearls and extend designs beyond the taped area for a unique touch.

6. Complete the look by applying base makeup outside the taped space, as you usually would, and putting on lipstick.