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Why Diets Don't Work & What To Do About Losing Weight Part 3
When you think weight loss, health and wellness coach Joanne Henson, author of What's Your Excuse For Not Eating Healthily? says don't think about dieting. If you missed Part One and Part Two, read up on why this expert wants to change the way we approach food when it comes to shedding the pounds...
4 Helpful Tips For How To Lose Weight & Get Into Shape
In the spirit of fitness, our staffers here at BWN have decided to pool our personal fitness tips together to share them with our readers. Be they silly or small, every little bit helps when you're trying to get psyched for physical exertion!
How To Lose Weight: Expert Doctor & Bodybuilder Debunk Workout Training Myths Part One
While many Americans battle obesity and their effects such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, there are many choosing to prevent those conditions by exercising regularly. "The Centers for Disease Control recently estimated that only 20% of us get the recommended amount of daily exercise," Dr...


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