When you think weight loss, health and wellness coach Joanne Henson, author of What's Your Excuse For Not Eating Healthily? says don't think about dieting.

If you missed Part One and Part Two, read up on why this expert wants to change the way we approach food when it comes to shedding the pounds.

"First of all, understand that the problem isn't you; it's the whole concept of being on a contrived and restricted eating plan with a start and an end date," Henson said.

The alternative and effective route to a permanently slimmer you is a permanently healthier lifestyle. Henson thinks a healthier lifestyle is not about lifelong deprivation, and does not mean being on a permanent diet.

"If you choose the right foods, you shouldn't need to reduce the quantity, and if you get the basics right, there'll be no need to cut out the occasional treat either," she explained.

So ditch those plans to join a slimming club or start another diet on Monday (or after Christmas, or in the New Year)!

Henson says if you're not sure what constitutes a healthy diet, get some advice, and then make small changes to how you eat; one change at a time. "Take it slowly - one small change every week for two months will add up to a significant shift in your lifestyle."

Here are a few ideas Henson recommends to get you started:

- Eat a healthy breakfast every day

- Drink more water

- Add more vegetables to your meals

- Replace sugary drinks with healthier alternatives

- Have healthy snacks to hand at all times to prevent hunger getting the better of you

- Do some regular exercise

- Have a few alcohol-free night each week

So there you have it - how to lose weight and keep it off without embarking on another diet.

Now what small change could you introduce this week to get started on your own journey to a slimmer, healthier, happier you?

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