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Get In the Know About The Matcha Tea Craze
Matcha is the new kale! Celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kiernan Shipka, Ashley Olsen and Ansel Elgort have been spotted sipping matcha tea -- and sharing it on Instagram.
Beauty Diet Tips: 5 Great Foods To Eat For Gorgeous Hair
Looking for that one secret for obtaining luscious locks? We all know that your hair is supposed to be your crowning glory! But we often find ourselves asking what we can do for healthier, stronger, and shinier strands. The answer - your diet! Consuming nutrient-rich foods stimulates the hair's prot...
Tea For Your Skin: Maijan Introduces New Natural Steam Facials
Tea for your skin? Yes please! Remember when we told you about how great Green Tea can be for skin? Or the article about how wonderful a good old-fashioned steam facial is? Well it looks like Maijan Beauty is taking the concept one step further and combined the two! If you're just now hearing...
Get Your Glow On: Jamie Krell's Expert's Tips for Kitchen Cabinet Skin Care & At Home Spa Days
Don't you sometimes wish you had access to all the secrets celebrities use to stay fit, fabulous, and glowing? Well we were lucky enough to get a few skin care tips from lifestyle expert Jamie Krell, who has worked with celebs like Jennifer Lopez (whom she credits with having the best skin she's ev...
Post Halloween Skin Care: Show St. Ives How You Go From Naughty to Natural
Halloween is the one day each year when women transform their natural selves into their most naughty versions, creating the most avant-garde makeup and costume looks. Just peep our Goth Goddess, Steampunk Cinderella, and Glow in the Dark Makeup costume ideas to see how imaginative this spooky day ca...
Experience the Hydration of Karuna Luxe Facial Masks
Everyone loves a great facial every now and then. It's the kind of pampering busy women rarely find time to treat themselves to, but get ready to indulge in a weekly deep conditioning facial treatment you will soon find ya just can't live without. Click through the slideshow to check out a cool new ...
Beau-TEA Secrets: Steep Your Way To Skin Health
Recent news reports that tea is making a comeback in the U.S. beverage market, a trend that has not gone unnoticed. The market is expected to grow to $18 billion in the next two years, as Americans are seeking a more healthful and less caffeinated replacement for coffee. Research also shows tea cons...


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