Jessica Alba
Who Has More Fun? Blondes vs. Brunettes: Hair Pro's & Cons for Light & Dark Color Treated Tresses
The age-old question has yet another set of facts to consider. Wondering which shade suits your fancy best? Cool Blades in the UK has compiled a set of helpful facts to think about before you declare team blonde or team brunette:
Jennifer Aniston
Summer Hair Problems: Frizzy Hair Humidity Remedies and Faded Color Fixes
The summer brings fun, but it can also fill women everywhere with fear that the heat will ruin any chance for a decent hair moment during the warmer months. Well bad hair day gals fear not! We have tapped Mario Russo, owner & lead stylist of Mario Russo in Boston, to answer some of the most frequ...
Fight The Fade: How To Get Your Hair Color Back with Expert Stylist Kyle White
We love a beauty expert that can hit us with a few great must-know tips and stylist Kyle White is definitely that guy. The hair care guru's tips on how to keep gray hair away went over so well, that we decided to tap him one more time for extra advice on how to keep color-treated hair looking its be...
Healthy Hair
Five Tips for Healthier Hair: How To Stay Flake Free, Promote Growth & Seal Hair
Hair should be every woman's best accessory, but at its worst, it's frizzy, dull, dry, and well-pretty much a nightmare! Fortunately, there are easy fixes for healthier hair. Spending five minutes to optimize your grooming routine can leave hair silky smooth, perfectly coifed, or softly curled. Chec...
Is Your Hair On Crack? Try the Latest Leave-In Styling Aid Addiction
Meet what's said to be a new habit forming hair fix created by hairdressers, for hairdressers. Is your hair on crack yet? This curiously addictive formula seems to be transforming tresses one crown at a time. Promising not only to work instantly, the brand promises what's inside this little tube ...


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