Is Your Hair On Crack? Try the Latest Leave-In Styling Aid Addiction


Meet what's said to be a new habit forming hair fix created by hairdressers, for hairdressers. Is your hair on crack yet?

This curiously addictive formula seems to be transforming tresses one crown at a time. Promising not only to work instantly, the brand promises what's inside this little tube will penetrate hair deeper and make it stronger.

What is crack exactly?  The multi-tasking leave in treatment is also a styling aid, designed to work super fast to effectively transform hair whether its keratin-treated, color-treated, damaged, frizzy, coarse or curly. No matter the texture, Crack turns misbehaved hair into tresses that are sleek, smooth, healthy, and full of shiny dimension. Who knew crack could be so good for you?

The science behind crack consists of sophisticated micro proteins and power peptides. Combined, these ingredients infuse themselves deep into the hair cuticle and encase the follicles with a keratinous bond, to promote healing, block the effects of humidity and eliminate up to 95% frizz and curl, to leave hair smooth, glossy and luxurious. What's more, Crack promises not to cause a greasy build up as well.

With its technology designed to penetrate deep into the hair cortex, Crack also prevents hair from future damage, helping to strengthen, repair and protect from the inside - out. Upon application, hair will get an instant boost in elasticity as well, making styling a breeze and hair less prone to breakage. Crack also combats the harsh elements that can weaken locks. Its formula creates a barrier between hair and the harmful effects of the sun, thermal styling, Chlorine and other chemicals.

Interested in trying this product? We can't blame you. But buyer beware, a little goes a long way. You'll only need a small amount to apply and work through hair before blowing it out and styling. Crack comes in a small 1.25 fl. oz. tube, as well as a larger 2.5 fl. oz. tube that should garner you about 25-30 treatments depending on your hair type. Try it for around $20 online, sold by beauty retailers such as

Recently rated as a '5 STAR' product on and voted the Reader's Choice Award winner for best thermal protectant by Launchpad Magazine, Crack is making believers out of many and making their bad hair days few and far between.

Could this be the one-stop shop for eliminating bad hair days everywhere? Has your hair experienced Crack yet? Let us know with a note below!

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