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‘Girls’ Star Allison Williams Talks Finding Fame In New Interview

ByAmber Belus
Jun 18, 2014 01:12 PM EDT

Allison Williams shot to fame after taking a role on HBO's "Girls." She spoke with Variety about finding fame, the success of the show, and future plans. Find out what she had to say!

"It absolutely changed my life," she said of her first major role.

The starlet also described her first experience on the show.

"The room was filled with women. There wasn't a single man there," she recalled. "My first day on set as a professional actor was shooting the 'Girls' pilot. It was a big moment that was either going to confirm or deny the lifelong belief I'd held that I was going to be an actress."

Williams does not appear to be leaving "Girls" anytime soon.

"I don't want to rush, because I don't want to (keep playing roles) like Marnie," she explained. "I'm looking for a director to have the imagination to say, 'I can see you as a Midwestern woman with a meth addiction.' So doors will open, but you have to navigate them." 

The actress and fellow co-star Zosia Mamet dished earlier this week on what to expect in the upcoming season.

"I think from last season you see Marnie's so supportive, she's like, 'You have to go. It's Iowa; you have to go.' So for Marnie it's a very exciting, very positive thing. It's just a matter of maintaining the long-distance friendship," Williams told the New York Post about the girls being split up.

Mail Online points out actor Aaron Paul received the same recognition after his role in "Breaking Bad."

"It was sudden and strange; we saw it in the very first season," he described his overnight success.

"People would come up, and not just say, 'Hey I like your show.' It was people grabbing my shoulders, screaming at me, 'My God I love your show!' Each season (the reaction was) just more and more intense."

"I've been doing this now for 17 years," Paul added. "There were ups and downs, lots of struggles, but I was content, and happy to be working."

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