Raphael is back with additional tips on how to get big hair the right way. Check out what the expert had to offer up below:

How can you know when to pull back when it comes to styling?  Is too much ever a bad thing?

Today the trend is toward natural volume. The days of back combing and teasing hair are long gone. So with natural volume, the hair is always sexy and fun. Women don't need to worry about wind if hair looks natural.

 How can we achieve the big, full hair that beauty icon Marilyn Monroe wore?

If you cut your hair short like Marilyn Monroe it will automatically lend body to the hair. Dry hair well, apply root lifter, put hot rollers in for 5 minutes, put head upside down and shake it around, spritz hair spray and you will achieve that sought after Marilyn Monroe look. That cut is made for volume and body. No brush required!

What are some classic hair don'ts we should never do?

When it comes to hair, embrace everything. The only thing I advise against is too much product. It is essential to let hair breath and treat it properly; don't wash it too often. Every other day is ideal. Dry shampoo is a great alternative to washing hair every day and allows women to restyle for the next day. The Best Dry Shampoo is by Renee Furtere.

Any additional tips and tricks for creating healthy big hair?

The best tips to create healthy big hair are basic; get a good haircut and a good blow out and your hair will have great body. Never blow-dry hair when it's soaking wet. Sleep with a cloth covered hair band (nothing tight) with hair above your head, and you'll wake up to beautiful hair.