It's not even February yet and men are already rushing online to find that perfect gift to for their girlfriend, lover or wife.

The Good Surgeon Guide, the UK's only cosmetic surgery and treatment review website run by actual patients, has seen a rise in enquiries from love-struck men seeking advice on whether they should respond to their parters' anti-ageing concerns.

Of the many questions asked, the number one question was: "Which aesthetic treatments can I give as a Valentine's Day gift without offending her?"

"When we got the first few calls we were amazed that men were even thinking down this line," said Good Surgeon Guide's online help coordinator, Karen Liebe. The closer Valentine's Day nears, the more calls Good Surgeon Guide receives of this similar nature.

In response to this, the Good Surgeon Guide took to social media and asked its own female audience a few questions about what treatment is appropriate, if any, to give as a gift for Valentine's Day.

When asked: 'If your boyfriend gave you Botox or a voucher for dermal filler for Valentine's Day would you be happy?' A whopping 78% of women polled said they would be impressed. A smaller 15% said they would be mildly pleased, yet concerned. And the remaining 7% said they would be slightly offended or not happy.

The results are a huge departure from the typical flowers and chocolates!

Good Surgeon Guide also asked 2,500 of its online audience to rate which non-surgical treatments they would love to receive on lover's day and the top five results were:
1. Dermal filler
2. Botox
3. Teeth Whitening
4. Skin Peel
5. Lip enhancements

They also asked which treatments they would not want to receive from their loved one and our results were:
1. Botox for Hyperhidrosis
2. Laser Hair Removal
3. Skin Tightening
4. Leg Vein removal

While these figures go against Good Surgeon Guide's general opinion that gifting cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatments are not good idea, it cannot erase the fact that people still feel compelled to give and receive them.

Good Surgeon Guide recommends men who choose to give cosmetic treatments for Valentine's, must understand how the gift may make their partner feel, especially if it is a surprise. If at all possible, it is best to speak with their partner about the treatment and make sure it is something they want. 

What would you want to receive from your honey for Valentine's Day? Let us know with a note below!