Looking for a way to make an entrance to this year's holiday party? Try the ultimate makeover fake out -- the faux bob. Click through the slideshow to see a few faux options for a bit of styling inspiration.

So many stars have taken the trimming challenge on lately. Jennifer Aniston is the leader of the bob haircut pack, cropping her tresses to just above shoulder length, while her namesakes like Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Lawrence have taken their cuts well above the ears to join the pixie movement.

But there's something about the bob we love. Not too long, not too short, this cut works on virtually everyone. The chic angular style frames the face, while adding body and movement. But before you begin to clutch your tresses tightly, we're not telling you to get all scissor-happy in order to nail this look. For the ultimate hairstyle switch-up, simply rock a faux bob.

A faux bob offers up great options. If you're stuck in a rut, it's one of the chicest changes you can try to liven up your look. What's more, you get to see what you'd look like with short hair without the commitment of a big chop. It's also super easy to achieve, but will have everyone wondering how you faked such a fierce trim. Here are a few options for trying the look on for size:

The most traditional way to mask your hair's real length is with bobby pins. By rolling your hair up into the nape of your neck or higher and pinning it, you create an instant faux bob just like the pros. Play with the placement of how high or low your tuck and pinned hair is to see how short and angled you wanna go.

This cool tool is all the rage. For $10, the Hot Bob bob's hair for you. The unique flexi band is a simple, portable system that works on every color hair and any thickness. Go from long to short in an instant. Just clip, tie, tuck and you're done. Your new look will stay secure thanks to the unique Hot Bob flexi band with ponytailer system.

Bob Hair Clip. A similar gadget for faux bobs is also available online. Perfect for long or short hair, the Smart Cute Hair Clip can also be used to give the illusion of a cropped cut. Check out the super simple tutorial on how to use this flexible tool below.

Ever try a faux bob? Planning to try the look out this holiday season? Let us know with a note!