Try the Trend: Thorn Manicures

Gals everywhere are experimenting with their nails. The latest project sweeping the world of talons? Introducing the thorn manicure.

The inventive trend involves gluing thorns to your nails. Featured on, nail artist Stephanie Stone, of the Nailing Hollywood management company that represents the industry's most sought-after stylists,  created her own spin on the look. Inspired by avant-garde makeup artist, Topolino, the fingernails are designed to look dark and ghastly, with sharp pieces that look like needles.

Refinery 29 agrees. "Nail art doesn't tend to take our breath away, no matter how crazy/cute/inventive it is," said R29's beauty assistant, Gabrielle Korn. "...When we saw this photo on Violet Grey of nails with thorns glued on them, the beauty department collectively gasped. The thorns look like they're growing right out of the nails, like talons. Happy Halloween, indeed." 

Korn continued, "Is it pretty, in the standard sense of the word? Oh, no. Definitely not. It is, however, totally creepy, a little bit terrifying, and eerie in an other-worldly sense - as though maybe this is a nail-art trend among glamorously violent aliens."

To get gruesome with your fingernails, if you dare, is easy, thanks to Stephanie's five-step tutorial. Using gloves and a trimmer, carefully clip ten thorns from a rose stem. Then, apply a small amount of any crystal glue to the bottom of one rose thorn and place on the center tip of the nail. The sharp end should point away from you.  Once the glue is dry, paint the nail and the thorn with two coats of Stephanie's polish of choice, Dior Nuit 1947 970.

Once the polish is dry, apply a small dab of crystal glue at the center base of your nails. Then, use a fine-tipped tweezer to place the gems onto the spot of glue on each nail. Gently paint on a thick layer of Stephanie's suggested Dior Gel Coat to lock the crystal in place, and give a sheen to your thorns. Lastly, use a concealer brush to paint La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Hand Cream down your fingertips and on the back of your hand. When the nail polish has dried, use Dr. Hauschka's Neem Nail Oil Pen around your cuticles.

Stephanie added that moisturized hands and cuticles are an important step in maintaining a beautiful manicure. Are these terrifying talons terrific to you? Trying this trend? Tell us in a note below!        

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