They've adorned the fingertips of Beyonce and Rihanna and now rapper/ singer MIA is the latest star to wear H&H Metal Nails.

In the video for her new single Bring The Noize, MIA wears a bold set of gold jaguar nails from the brand's extensive range of creative adornments. Designed by Holly Silius and Hannah Warner, the ostentatious talons have earned an army of celebrity fans and made their catwalk debut for Thierry Mugler's Autumn Winter 12/13 show.

Nature is the theme and inspiration for the H&H collection, with thorns, leaves, thistle, wood, animal skulls and spider webs cast into hardened gold, bronze and silver nail pieces. The brand's third collection includes nail rings with winding rose vines and full finger and thimble designs.

The jaguar design worn by MIA, was inspired by time Holly spent staying with a shaman in Peru and seeing black jaguars in their natural habitat. Manicurist Sophie Harris-Greenslade from The Illustrated Nail created the look for the MIA video.

These amazing talons can be made in a range of colors, silver, gold, black and rose with additional stones used in some designs. Once cast in solid metals, the nails can be worn a number of times just like a piece of jewelry.

Other stars to have rocked these trend-setting tips include Cassie, Beth Ditto, Lianne Le Havas, and Jamie Winstone. H&H Nails have also been featured in Vogue, V, Interview and The Hunger.

Looking to try the trend on for size? These nails are stocked in stores such as Colette in Paris, Harvey Nichols in Dubai and Kabiri in London, starting at £102 per nail!

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