Beauty junkies, if you thought matte was big, then the latest trend in nails is going to blow you away. The next nail craze is literally at your fingertips: textured nail polish. Click through the slideshow to check out a few trendy nail polish brands that have nailed it!

Yes, the revolution will be texturized!  It's all about the one coat to chic nails, one step to scene-stealing nail art. How easy breezy! These new nail designs are simple and sassy! And talk about versatility. You can achieve the textured look with solid shades, glittery polishes, liquid sand polishes, and even matte hues. And FYI: glittery and matte tend to look best on shorter nails.

Just make sure to skip the topcoat and don't worry about being exact with application. Remember it's all about art and fun, so nail it!

But forewarning: removal can be tricky. So remember to pour some nail remover with acetone on a cotton ball, place on nails, wrap some foil around and press down. Give it five minutes then remove the foil. More complicated than removing regular polish, we know, but it truly helps your polish to magically disappear. Hey, sometimes you gotta go the extra mile for fabulous nail style!

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