'Under the Skin' Trailer, Release Date 2013, Scarlett Johansson: 'Don Jon' Actress Wears Black Bra in Clip [SEE NOW] Plays a Man-Eating Alien in Jonathan Glazer-Directed Film


The new trailer for 'Under the Skin' starring Scarlett Johansson has gone viral before the movie's release date announcement. The "Don Jon" actress wore a black bra in the clip, playing a man-eating alien. 

According to JustJared, the sexy actress, 28, stripped down in the film about an "alien seductress who preys upon hitchhikers in Scotland."

Johansson had promoted the film at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival with director Johnathan Glazer. The sci-fi thriller's trailer shows the newly engaged actress putting on red lipstick and having her pick of her victims, according to Entertainment Weekly

But the trailer is hard to understand at certain points. As the dialogue fades out halfway through the nearly two-minute clip, things "spin out of control," reported EW

Though the trailer and film may be a bit hard to follow, Johansson's performance is getting very straightforward reactions from some critics.

Drew McWeeny of Hitflix.com referred to Johansson as "riveting" in Glazer's "hynoptic" film. 

"It is a gorgeous film, full of quiet beautiful images, and even at its ugliest, I couldn't look away," wrote McWeeny. "...'Under the Skin' is one of the most difficult films I've seen all year, and I love the challenge it poses for viewers."

"Under the Skin" is still awaiting a release date.

Going to see Johansson's forthcoming film? Check out the trailer and tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!


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