Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Scarlett Johansson

So we all know actress Scarlett Johansson has the genetic code of a modern day goddess, but just how does this gal always look the part of a gorgeous Hollywood starlet so effortlessly? Well, we have one of her not-so-secret-anymore tricks of the beauty trade.

Turns out Scarlett is a very big fan of a very intense skin rejuvenating process known as the Inside Out Facial.

The Inside Out Facial involves the rigorous massage of the face. The process is geared toward toning the muscles, which can atrophy over time. A physician or qualified spa masseuse begins with a relaxing massage using oil to help deliver nutrients back to the skin.

After about a half hour, the real beauty treatment begins, as your spa specialist dons a pair of gloves, places their fingers in your mouth (hence the name inside out facial), and begins to massage your face using their knuckles along your jaw line, as well as underneath your cheekbones.

What exactly is involved in this process? Pain! Seriously, after doing our homework on this treatment, we have to hand it to Johansson for being such a trooper and actually volunteering herself for it! Women who tried often report even crying during the treatment. Ouch! But the benefits are said to be noticeable immediately, with skin looking and feeling firmer, more radiant.

And apparently Scarlett isn't the only star to lay through this facial. We hear actress Gwyneth Paltrow is also a fan. Experts in the treatment say your muscles do get used to the process, but boy can we imagine what a learning curve that must feel like. Guess being famous does have some drawbacks after all!

Are you planning to try the Inside Out Facial? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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