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Katy Perry Flaunts her Support for Obama, Again

Byvachell balle
Nov 05, 2012 09:00 AM EST

With just a few more hours for the awaited presidential elections in the U.S., everyone seems to be going into frenzy. And while everyone may be promoting their preferred candidates in their own way, like Beyonce with her Obama earrings and Sarah Jessica Parker sporting an Obama badge, trust Katy Perry to do it differently.

After the singer made her support loud and clear by getting an Obama manicure with her fingernails painted red, white and blue, featuring the Democratic donkey logo, as well as the President’s face; and then performing at an Obama rally dressed as a ballot, Perry has once again gone out of her way to support the President.

According to a report by USA Today, Perry showed off her support for Obama in the form of a skin-tight dress during her performance at the Delta Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The singer initially wore a red, white and blue dress with ribbon-like design but later changed into the blue “Forward” dress. The blue rubber dress that ended mid-thigh was adorned with the words “Forward”, an Obama slogan which is also the motto of Wisconsin.

The 29-year-old singer paired the dress with golden, glittery heels and left her hair loose, parted in the centre. The actress looked stylish with a bright red lip color, though one would not wear the dress on usual days.

Perry also halted her performance to urge the audience to make donations to victims of hurricane Sandy.

Later, President Obama took center stage, dressed in a checkered shirt and black trousers and spoke to the massive crowd that had gathered at the venue.

A number of Hollywood celebs have been showing their support for Obama. While actress Kerry Washington encouraged people in Florida to vote for the President, Eva Longoria did the same in Las Vegas. Obama has also got the votes of celebs like Chris Rock, Morgan Freeman and George Clooney, to name a few.

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