Katy Perry made a grand entrance to the 2012 Muchmusic MMVA red carpet with 8 cute girls wearing her mini-me themed outfits, but one 'California Gurls' outfit just took everyone by surprise.  

The 27 year-old Pop Star might have crossed the line when one of themed 'cupcake boob' outfit for was worn by a little girl. The little girls, part of Katy Perry's red carpet themed entourage wore themed costumes form her hit songs 'Part of me,' 'Last Friday Night' and 'The One That Got Away. Everything look great until people notice a little girl wearing the 'California Gurls' themed Blue wig and cupcake boob top.

On Twitter people have been commenting over the sexual exploitation of six year old girl:
"leave it to Katy Perry to make a 6 year old wear a cup cake bra before she's even in a training bra #poorkid"
"Katy Perry just stole 6 kids and the one has cupcake nipples... oh good example "mom"

The Cupcake girl story is slowly gaining attention throughout the media.

"It's one thing for a grown woman to cover sexualized areas with edible treats, announcing that her body is quite literally for consumption. But to transfer that message onto the body of a child is revolting." written by Dodai Stwart of Jezebel adding 'all of the adults involved - parents, stylist, Katy Perry - should have known better."

Did Katy Perry cross the line?